.NET Framework controls

Windwos XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Embedded - iDesk

Bee Mobile iDesk is a pack of .NET Framework controls that transforms your Windows Desktop application into stylish and modern user interface inspired by iPad. Components support a wide range of operating systems e.g., Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard. iDesk is fully supported by Visual Studio Designer that saves your time and costs. Put the dreams of your customers into reality with the help of Bee Mobile iDesk.

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Compact Framework components

.Net CF - iPack

Over 35.NET CF controls together in one package, all designed to launch your Windows CE applications to the forefont of software technology. The iPack combines elegant and modern visuals with intuitive finger-friendly interfaces to create an impressive user experience. Controls are fully supported by Visual Studio Designer, allowing you to visualize your design and cut down on the development time and cost of your applications.

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Compact Framework 3.9 controls

.Net CF 3.9 - iPack CF39

Bee Mobile iPack CF39 is a next generation of iPack controls targeting the new software platform .NET Compact Framework 3.9. They are designed to bring your application to a new visual level by implementing many powerful graphical featuers such as transparency, gradient-fills, PNG images, etc. Currently .NET Compact Framework 3.9 runs on Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 2013 operating system environment.

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Our Customers

  • Our customers Microsoft, 3M, Trimble, Bosch, BioTek, Logica.
  • Our customers Emerson, SpecTec, Multi-chem, Neutrasoft, Badger Meter, Rasca.
  • Our customers Lehrstuhl f�r F�rdertechnik Materialfluss Logistik, Epoke, Burge-Fischer AG, Shekel, Anritsu, Condat.

Please let me mention that this component library is really impressive and useful. It is exactly what we are looking for. Very good job!